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Pleasantview Heights

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Fate is a mischievous little scamp. Jan. 5th, 2006 @ 12:40 pm
Sorry for the long wait people. With Christmas, New Years, and a few other distrations I've been pretty busy.

Episode 6 introduces a new player. Chip McDonald is your normal everyday guy. He's laid back, easy going, and not very spontaneous. Which means most see him as being pretty boring. He also happens to be down on his luck at the moment and is struggling to make ends meet. When his professor makes him an offer he can't refuse his life will take a drastic change. But will it be a good or bad change?

Chip McDonald - A Slow Motion Train WreckCollapse )

New beginings. Dec. 23rd, 2005 @ 04:04 pm
Episode 5 intoduces Stella Terrano. She's come to this world of her own free will seeking a new life. Not much else is known about her though. Why did she decide to leave her home world and her old life? And will she be able to make friends and fit in?

Stella Terrano - A whole new worldCollapse )

Its hard being hot. Dec. 22nd, 2005 @ 12:56 am
Episode 4 introduces Nina Caliente. The popular girl that everyone wants to be friends with and all the guys dream of being with. But in actuality she never asked for this kind of social status. Underneath all that lies a rather shy and very serious young woman. Can she live her life under the guise of the happy, carefree, and promiscuous image that society has given her?

Nina Caliente - The tragedy of beautyCollapse )

The Casanova of La Fiesta. Dec. 20th, 2005 @ 10:27 pm
Episode 3 introduces Don Lothario. The "Ladies Man" on the campus. He came to this college thinking it would be the best time of his life. A life filled with lots of parties, lots of friends, and lots of girls craving the kind of romancing only "The Don" could provide. He certainly wasn't counting on all of the drama that came with it though.

Don Lothario - The trouble with womenCollapse )

Sibling rivalry anyone? Dec. 19th, 2005 @ 11:03 am
Episode 2 (I've decided to drop the whole Episode/Chapter system) introduces Dina Caliente. A stong willed and determined girl with big goals for her future. Some see her as having a diva mentality, which she's just fine with. She finds herself at odds with her twin sister over a guy we should all be familiar with by now.

Dina Caliente - Some people are just so ungratefulCollapse )
Other entries
» Its that feeling you get when the rug is yanked out from under you
Chapter 1 of Episode 1 introduces Cassandra Goth. A happy and energetic college girl who has big dreams and has meticulously planned out her future to the very last detail. But not everyone shares her enthusiasm of those plans...

(in case you're confused, I had fun with AgeSimsCheat)

Cassandra Goth - Broken dreams and broken heartsCollapse )
» Obligatory Welcome Message
Hello everyone and welcome! After someone suggested to me that I write some stories to go along with the stupid pictures I always post on some of the forums I go to I decided to whip up this journal for that exact purpose.

Wecome to Pleasantview Heights. A documentary of all of the characters and goings on in the town of Pleasantview. Sit back and brace yourself for lots of love, hate, ups, and downs. But rest assured that there will be plenty of whacky hijinks and general stupidity to throw in there as well!

Before we get into the thick of it though be sure to visit the links you see to your left.

JM Pescado's More Awesome Than You is an Awesome site that features Awesome hacks, most of which fixes many of the less Awesome bugs and glitches in the game, and thus makes your game...well...more Awesome. TwoJeffs and Crammyboy's (two other notable modders that you may have heard of) hacks are hosted there as well. Practically everything you can find there is in my game. And it should be in your game too. Because its just that damn Awesome!

Laverwinkle Sims is a site founded by Reggikko and her son DylanTK. You might recognize Reggikko from such stories as The Firefly Legacy. She's also a Proficient builder of houses, community lots, and other such things. Dylan's own brand of magic has provided the world with his much needed Vampire Paste and Laverwinkle Alien sims skins. Both of which makes your vampires and aliens a lot less ugly and much more pretty. You'll also find many more houses and such from the other areas of the forum as well.

Inge Jones' Simlogical provides various little hacks among other things. Some of which will alow you to keep your sanity while playing this game. Though I mostly only use the Toddler/Elder Sleep Through Night hacks and the Teleporter Shrub, there's plenty of other stuff to poke through there and try out.

Mod The Sims 2 and the Official Sims 2 sites are two you should be familiar with. Both provide plenty of downloads of various kinds to spruce up your game.

Now I could've just made this story and uploaded it on the Exchange at the Official Sims 2 site like normal. But 90% of the time the exchange doesn't like me for some reason. And telling my story through this journal means that I don't have to censor myself. Though I don't expect this story to get to far past PG-13 most of the time, I do like my freedom to do so.

Now, enough of my blabbering. Grab a bowl of pop corn (or whatever you'd perfer to eat) and enjoy the show!
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